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Past Events

2013 - Africa Business Forum

Business with Germany Opportunities – Strengths – Strategy?


  1. Sophie Masipa

  2. Caleb Tamfu

  3. Oulimata Sarr

  4. Bernd Diepenseifen

  5. Francis Nkwain

  6. Amone Gbedemah


You are warmly invited to the first Africa Business Forum organized by the BJU/ASU in cooperation with Africa 2.0. The forum is a platform for african and german

entrepreneurs to interact and forge future part- nerships. Hosted by the german association of

young entrepreneurs – BJU, the exposure will

range from SMEs to bigger industry leading com- panies. Legal, financial and operational challen- ges faced by those doing business on the Conti- nent and within Germany /EU will be addressed

by sharing practical experience. Know-How for Emerging Markets: Many African countries now experience growth rates that are unmatched globally. Addressing the potential in Africa requires solutions across all industries. Delegates at the forum represent

a wide range of industries and expertise inclu- ding infrastructure, healthcare, technology, oil

& gas, real estate and professional services. African Investors for German SMEs: Interested in accessing Quality Made in Germany? Stakeholders of successful partnerships between the German business community and african

businesses will be present at the forum. Interac- tion across a wide range of interests will be at the

center of the networking sessions. Africa Forum 2013

Überschrift The ultimate goal of the forum is to set up the foundation for partnership and forward-thinking businesses.

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