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8th Africa Business Forum

Largest EU Economy meets the Fastest growing Continent

Hilton Hotel, Cologne, Germany
20th September 2019

Agenda - Focus on Finance

09:30 AM

Arrival of Participants

10:00 AM

Welcome Speech: Olaf Ziegs, Regional Chairman of DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER Northrhine

10:15 AM

Keynote Address: Financing in Africa – A Practical Case: Dr. Christian Lindfeld, Africa Advisors

11:00 AM

Coffee break

11:30 AM

„AfricaConnect“ – Attractive financing opportunities for European companies in Africa: Florian von Eisenhart-Rothe, KFW/DEG

12:15 PM

Coffee break

12:45 PM

Panel Discussion [public]: Global Finance in the African Context

13:30 PM

Lunch Break [Complementary for registered participants]

14:30 PM

Networking and private meetings

17:00 PM


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About The Forum

140,- € Participation Fee
20th Sept. 2019
09:30 am

The Forum brings government, business and finance leaders from acrooss Africa and Germany/EU to explore how the can work together in finding and leveraging business opportunity.

The past decade hast transformed both perceptions and realities in Africa. Businesses are flourishing; from telecoms & banking to agriculture & mining, attacted by the rising middle class and the continentt's natural resources. Despite all the challenges, the continent has become a beacon of hope and part of the solution for  a world faced with increasind challenges. Africa has the potential to be the world's major driver of growth over the next decades. Demographice project a continent of 2 billion inhabitants by the year 2050.

The forum is organized in partnership with the Association of German Family-Owned Businesses BJU/ASU - and leading African Networking platforms.


The target is to establish business partnerships via engagement and business exchange between African and German/EU companies and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the strategic support of the German Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Parliarment, the forum has an extensive outreach which includes the 4000  members of the Die Familienunternehmer.

The 6th African Business Forum will bring government, business and finance leaders from around the world to Germany to explore how they can work together to ensure and sustain the momentum in order to benefit from the African growth.

About "Die Familienunternehmer"

Die Familienunternehmer
  • 90% of all German corporations are family-owned companies
  • Family-owned companies generate about 42% of all corporate turnover

  • Family-owned companies Provide almost 60% of all jobs subject to social insurance contributions

  • Family-owned companies Provide about 80% of all vocational training positions in Germany

The Conference








Speakers & Panel

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from Africa and Germany/EU
Dr. Tina Allton

Dr. Tina Allton

President and CEO of the Chamber for Africa Diaspora Relations.

NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk

Chiarman - Africa Energy Chamber

Michael Monnerjahn

Michael Monnerjahn

Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.

Kingsley Pungong

Kingsley Pungong

CEO - Rainbow World Group

Dr. Christian Lindfeld

Dr. Christian Lindfeld

Founder - Africa Advisors GmbH




Roland Ndaka Fru

Roland became a member of "Die Familenunternehmer" - BJU/ASU in 2011 and immediately identified the need to setup a platform for interaction and deal making between member companies and African companies/entrepreneurs. With Olaf Ziegs (regional president of "Die Familenunternehmer"-BJU at the time), we could quickly platform to hold the first event at the Mercedes Benz center in Cologne.

Roland is passionate about accompanying companies on African strategy and outreach.

Roland is currently founder and Manager of Yaka 5 GmbH and is stakeholder in several companies including Information Technology,  Fintechs, Industrial production & Construction. He also sits on the board of a couple of companies operating on the African continent.

Olaf Ziegs

Olaf is regional chairman of "DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER" and has assumed several posts of responsibility within the group including the role of regional president of “DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER” up till 2015 and regional president of “DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER Nordrhein”
since 2015. Several high profile events with political (involving several ministers) and economic operators are organized under the umbrella of "DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER”. Concerning the business connections between Africa and Europe, Olaf Ziegs stresses Africa’s huge economic potential and wants to encourage German entrepreneurs to initiate interesting and multilateral ventures with African entrepreneurs.

Olaf is currently founder and Manager of Z plus M DIE MARKETING AGENTUR, a marketing agency focused on marketing consulting and has served a broad range of worldwide clients in marketing consulting as well as conceptualizing and implementing their marketing strategies.

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